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Bodies at sea 

2020 - 2022

Mixed media / Watercolour, Ink, Pencil and Pen


"There are tides in the body,” writes Virginia Woolf. We ebb and flow across time and space – body, to body, to
body, to body.”

- Astrida Neinanis, Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water


Fluid, aqueous, cyclical bodies.
Bodies that pool, seep, brim, drip, drown, waver and rise.
Bodies adrift, wading; unbound and untethered.


Just as the deep sea holds and retains hidden remnants of all that it has  repressed and swallowed, our bodies carry and muffle our stories, scars,  baggage and memories within its submerged chambers, channels and  streams. We are not static, marked or contained entities as seen  through the sterile boundaries and frames of maps and scans, reports  and manuscripts. I imagine the body as a sum of amorphous,  blurred, watery, fragmented forms. Forms in rhythmic states of flux and  transition; continuously rippling, rupturing, restoring and reviving  ourselves.

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