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Essentially Normal Studies

Red Studies​

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STUDY 5  Red Studies  5.1 – 5.3, Photo Ink & Pen 

'Failure. Invisibility.

I found my pen tracing and circling these two words in my journal, after a conversation in class left me thinking. Both share an interesting, complex and intertwined relationship.

Failure, synonymously opposed to success. Success — visible, definitive, conclusive, realising its recorded social mark and visibility. Failureinvisible, ambiguous, anonymous, occupying a shadow narrative that  lies unseen and unheard.

Invisibility — failing in its lack of definitiveness; obscurely blurring into ambiguity 

Invisibility — failing in its absence of language, in missed articulation.

When grappling with the blanks and absences of markers and words, where do we begin  to communicate, define or encapsulate the imperceptible?


What happens when language fails us?"


- Excerpt, "Essentialy Normal Studies", Skin Stories*

Devika-1 (1).jpg

(Top) Red Studies  5.1 – 5.3, Photo Ink & Pen, 11" X 8"

(Bottom) Essentially Normal Studies, Red Studies, Gallery Sumukha,  2018

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