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Essentially Normal Studies

Illuminated Sections

Light Installation


STUDY 6.1 - 6.4 Photographic Light Installation/ Mixed Media / Moving Image

Invisibility carries with it a hushed unobtrusiveness, that doesn't disturb or disrupt, but silently, unassumingly, ambiguously settles its way into the background. In a culture that imposes value and legitimacy on the definitive, visible and conclusive, where do we begin to authenticate, and find language for the hidden, the imperceptible, and unseen?  


With our physical bodies representing our exterior, surface selves that appear and present to the world, how does the invisibility of physicality betray our own conditioned understandings and assumptions? Is it the physical ambivalence and quietness of invisibility that together conceals yet defines its failure? And can invisibility transition from a privately individual experience to one that is collective?

Tracing over and against the background of scans and reports over the last 8 years, I explore these conflicting tensions; searching and scanning the muffled and concealed layers that lie behind the surfaces of our screens.


(Above) Essentially Normal Studies, Light Installation, Gallery Sumukha,  2018

(Below) Essentially Normal Studies, Light Installation,, Srishti Institute of Art, Technology and Design   2018

TW AUG-37.jpg

STUDY 6 Moving Stills , Moving Image


Moving beyond the static clinical stillness of diagnostic imagery, these experiential moving image videos evoke repetitive motions of scanning, testing and searching for visibility.


Essentially Normal Studies, Final Exhibit, Gallery Sumukha,  2018

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