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Bodies at sea 


Archives Exhibition at NCBS ( National Centre of Biological Sciences, Bangalore)

Artist and Curatorial Lead: Devika Sundar

Exhibition Design Lead: Kamini Rao / Studio Slip


"Bodies need water, but water also needs a body. Water is always sometime, someplace, somewhere. Even in our aqueous connections, bodies and their others/worlds are still differentiated. The question, then, of “what is” is never sufficient. How is it? Where is it? When is it?"


-Astrida Neimanis, Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water  


In “Bodies at Sea” we traverse the boundaries between the  visible and unknown, examining the hidden complexity of  our interior bodies alongside oceanic bodies of the deep  sea. Through our explorations, we search and discover an  uncanny, affectual and visual synergy between internal  bodyscapes to marine forms and aquatic environments.  Responding to a collection of visual, textual, material and  audio archives across medical and marine journals and  databases - we particularly trace layers that lie invisible,  curious, obscure and yet to be unearthed in these  mirroring environments.

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