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Bodies at Sea


Archives Exhibition at NCBS ( National Centre of Biological Sciences, Bangalore)

​Artist and Curatorial Lead: Devika Sundar

Exhibition Design Lead: Kamini Rao / Studio Slip


Mirroring Bodies

"The space between our selves and our others is at once as distant as the primeval sea, yet also closer than our own skin—the traces of those same oceanic beginnings still cycling through us, pausing as this bodily thing we call “mine.”

-Astrida Neimanis, Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water



Microscopic beds and Marine Bodies 


Through Umeed Mistry’s marine images, Ipsa Jains illustrative narratives and microscopic captures from the Wellcome Collection Library, we trace the boundaries between the perceptible and hidden, exploring a unique, mysterious visual synergy between the interior scapes of our bodies to marine beds and coastal environments. 












Ipsa Jain - Microscopic Bodies:    //


Kinship Ties and Tides


“What is your relationship with the ocean?” is the first question The Oceanographic Institute asks from us -


“TOI focuses essentially on the relation between two bodies of water: the human body and the world ocean(s). It gives particular attention to affectual and sensual encounters between the two bodies. The Institute therefore explores the relations of hands to mud, ears to the breaking waves, feet to the feeling of sinking, rather than the ocean “in itself”, as if devoid of the human presence. It collects, analyzes and reenacts people's personal stories about their encounters with the ocean.” 

The Oceanographies Institute (TOI) - Teaser, Marialena Marouda, December 15, 2020,


A way back home


In “A Way Back Home”, Chakravarty watches creatures across the voyeuristic barriers of an aquarium glass, reflecting intimately on his place in the current world that encircles him. 

I didn't feel alone, not among this absurdity of human intervention and invention. Plucked and placed into a home. This is where my emotions rose. Desperate to penetrate the world's illusions and mine own. I felt trapped in a dysfunctional voyeuristic reality. Researching over and over, if this broken thread of humanity may ever be re-attached, seeking a way back home"

- Rohan Chakravarty

 A Way Back Home, Photograph, Paris, 2018 


 A Way Back Home, Photograph, Paris, 2018 

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