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Essentially Normal Studies

Research and Journey

Medical and Cultural Context


Documentation Book/  Thesis project / Works in Progress 

Essentially Normal Studies evolved from a graduation thesis project* exploring art, invisibility, illness and disability against a larger medical / cultural conditioning. Below are selected pages from a documentation journey, involving research, archiving, reflections and works in progress. The installation was first exhibited at the Srishti Collective 2018 and later as a solo exhibition at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore. 

*Selected pages: Final Thesis Project/ Documentation Book conducted at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, mentored by Neeraja D. 

(Above) - Research and Documentation

(Below )- Journey to the Final Artworks 

Essentially Normal Studies Installation at Srishti Collective 2018 

Essentially Normal Studies Exhibition at Gallery Sumukha

Essentially Normal Studies Journal Pages and Archiving 

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