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BMW X India Art F airThe Future is Born of Art” Commission

Wrap Design, Mixed Media 

When we gaze at stars in the night sky or we stare deep into the vastness of the ocean, we universally experience feelings of immensity, transcendence, and awe. Awe’s power lies in its ability to make us feel connected to something larger than ourselves,  reflecting our place and purpose against bodies and worlds that lie beyond us.

"Boundless is the winning proposal for “The Future is Born of Art,” a joint commission by India Art Fair and BMW India that sees artists work on the theme “Forwardism” using the marque’s pinnacle X7 car purely as the canvas. “Boundless” is designed to transport us to an ethereal space, where floating bodies dance in the night sky; an ode to the vast and mysterious interconnectedness of humans with other beings and non-beings, in the universe." -

Article, Winner Of India Art Fair 2023 ‘The Future Is Born Of Art’ Explores The Human Body’s Fragility And Power

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