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Absent Bodies

The Box of Lost Dreams 


Installation/  Mixed Media/  Assemblage

In our attempt to hold on, to create permanence and belonging out of the ephemeral and transient nature of our experiences - we manifest and create parallel narratives by infusing our life and meaning into the material world that surrounds us, a tangible world whose ability is to stay, outlast and live on beyond us. When we dream, our mind finds curious ways of making sense and story of all the clutter buried, repressed and layered within our subconscious.

In this mini installation, I created a series of nested boxes inside one another, each enclosing a particular dream or dissolved memory; memories of childhood, of long evenings by the sea, of friends, partners and letters, lost and recovered, of Zorro's eyes, of scents and smells from my mothers boxes... 

Listening to an audio track, viewers simultaneously opened the boxes, discovering and interacting with the collective “lost dreams” – hidden, layered objects, letters, photographs and scents found inside. At the end, they were asked to record their experience, in a collective journal.

The Box of Lost Dreams at The Shop of Dreams exhibit. Installation/ Assemblage/ Mixed media including audio.
Nested boxes/ Outer Box, 12”x12”, 2015.

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