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unbound and untethered

2020 - 2022

Mixed media / Watercolour, Ink, Pencil and Pen


"Devika Sundar presents internal landscapes of the body in eight drawings, collectively titled Unbound and Untethered, and a light installation from Essentially Normal Studies. The set of works emerge from a concern with representation of the body —while diagnostic tests evaluate against an ideal normal, the artist’s own renderings of various organs do away with this sterile approach to collapse scale and evoke the microscopic as well as the cosmic. Sundar has been researching experiences of pain and illness among women, how patriarchal standards of diagnosis prevent access to healthcare, and the place that sexuality occupies within illness."

-  Zeenat Nagree,


“what cannot otherwise be said”
ated by Zeenat Nagree

 Prameya Art Foundation

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