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Forms in Flux and Fragmentation 

Studies in Standstill


Mixed media / Watercolour and Pen


June 2020

My eyes slowly circle my studio walls, a room and refuge where I've been oscillating between waves of comfort and claustrophobia—while the weeks pass by. 

The last year has held up an uneasy mirror to our collective human and social frailties. The pandemic has revealed the dangerous punctures in a culture conditioned around hyper-productivity, bodily ableness and strength. We have to reconcile ourselves both to the idea that we are more vulnerable than we think—and that we are connected within our very fragilities, bound by the shared fragmentation of our bodies within this time.

Against the anxiety of a year that has imposed the threat of unforeseen illness, disability and mortality, I hope we can reclaim spaces of healing and recuperation; to accept the frailty and diversity of our bodies more kindly and openly; and to gradually thread alternative passages of inclusiveness and belonging into our shared unease, impermanence and fragility.

Microscopic Beds and Pools  // forms  in flux and fragments //

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