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Absent Bodies

Wading the Wistful 


Monoprint/  Collage / Assemblage / Installation/ Mixed Media 

At 17, I developed a chronic condition that has since progressed and followed me over the last seven years. There were periods where I found myself stand stilled into a state of pause, wherein I felt a quiet disconnect and discomfort with a body that felt distant to me. I could feel myself, floating in and out of limbo, buffering and swimming silently between the absence of an earlier self and a body that remains ambiguous to its healing. 


Through these years, there have been many quiet moments of a vague, wistful and transitional “in between”.In this series, I drew expression and form to an experience that has been confusing and complicated to verbalise.

Late Night Swims, Monoprint 8” x 10.5”. 2016

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