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Workshops and Studio

Hanno Terrace studio : Exploring Art as a Therapeutic Tool

Jan '19 - present

Parallel to my practice, Hanno Terrace studio is a collective art space and outdoor open studio founded to facilitate art as a medium of expression, release and therapeutic outlet for children and adults across diverse ages and backgrounds. 


Background and Context 

In December 2019, I was coming off the ends of a recent exhibition, and a project that occupied a long space of time and energy over the last year. However, it's experience affirmed intention towards the practice I wanted to continue. I observed my work finding meaning and expression in personal, collective and shared human experience.

Often, within art spaces, there can exist a detachment from a wider, accessible and inclusive language. Coming across many people express a wish to paint, draw and create, yet felt hesitant and inhibited to explore -  I wished to explore this through creating alternate safe spaces in the form of dialogical art workshops, for anyone, irrespective of skill and background, willing to experiment and engage with these mediums.

Art as a Therapeutic Outlet 


Sometimes, when words aren’t formed enough to express what we're feeling, we require another language and outlet to engage with. Art and its silent therapeutic power has been known to find healing and alleviation in mood, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain and illness. Engaging with each person in a deep and personal manner, through our sessions, I  explore ways we can together discover art as an expressive, reflective and therapeutic tool, reconnecting and initiating a quiet dialogue, awareness and understanding with ourselves within the silence of the space around us. Removing inhibition and self judgement we focus on using art as a release, finding ways to express stillness and mindfulness within a contained moment. 

Workshops and Sessions

  • Cooking with Joy - Monoprinting through Food and Colour  /  In Collaboration with Bess Frimodig

  • Unravelling the Unseen: Discovering Dialogue and Play through Visual Outlets   

  • Coloured Palates: A Meditative Tasting Experience through Silence and Watercolours/ In Collaboration with Samyukta Kartik

  • Mindfulness through Wash and Colour: Exploratory Watercolour Sundays

  • Exploring Art as a Therapeutic Tool and Outlet 

  • Dreaming and Discovering the Surreal: Whispered Colours of Nature ( Children 6 - 10) 

Images, Workshops and Sessions : Exploring Art as a Therapeutic tool at Hanno Terrace Studio


Mindfulness through Wash and Colour: Exploratory Watercolour Sundays 

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